It was 20,000 cyclists demonstrating in Budapest, occupying the streets on the car-free day. Double the number compared to the previous spring event.

The gathering started late, so I had to work a bit more in advance. I, therefore, asked the main organiser, Kükü (pictured) to pose for me just before they went on to peacefully regain Budapest. He shouted: Critical Mass!

Upon arrival at the publisher´s office, I loved the layout the editors chose.
In general, Magyar Hírlap was home to many creative minds, and I could always be sure that they would come up with the best choice of the material I could offer. This time was no different.

I was enthusiastic and stayed until the first copies arrived, took a few and brought the paper of tomorrow to the Critical Mass afterparty.

It was 2005, still before smartphones´ instant-news times. Many shouted joyfully to find out that we indeed cracked the 20,000 that year!

Critical Mass Budapest has been said to be the biggest in the world, with the spring 2008 figure reported at 80,000.