16. August 2005, Downtown Budapest
11:45 AM – End of the 1st meeting to start the paper.
Incoming call right after from my editor:
– Some plane came down in Athens, we will write about that, but it may well become the day´s topic as the aviation industry in general. So we need 2nd and 3rd, but if good the front page as well.
– Do you have accreditation to the airport?
– No we don´t, they won´t give it that fast. Just do something. The pages close at 6 PM.

This is how these 2 images featured as pairs on the earlier version of my home page. I enjoy the power of photographs enhancing a particular reading of one another. Its a direct way a photographer can invite the viewer towards a set of ideas.

2005, Budapest Airport, Hungary
2005, Paulahof, Austria